Feed the People Dallas Mutual Aid

We are a Black/Latinx, female-led, collective organizing mutual-aid to local communities throughout the DFW metroplez. We believe in Solidarity, not Charity. Join the Movement.

About Us

What do we do?

Free Grocery Program

We provide free groceries and essentials to anyone in need. No questions asked. We have weekly deliveries and monthly distrubutions with partnering organizations.

Community Care

Community Care aims to stand in solidarity with out unhoused neighors. We provide basic medic care, laundry services, hot meal and supply and care package distrubtions.

"Survival Pending Revolution"

The Black Panther Party implemented 60+ mutual-aid programs in their chapters across the US to ensure communities had the tools and resources to fulfill their basic needs. These programs were centered around Black self-determination and Black individuals organizing within their communities for themselves to survive outside of the systems that were notoriously under-serving the Black population at the municipal, state, and federal levels.

In 2020, to push forward the legacy left by the solidarity and community-centered efforts of the Black Panther Party - Feed the People Dallas has committed to providing our city with the care, mutual-aid, and basic resources needed to lift up our neighbors in Dallas' Black & POC communities.